Green Shoots day nursery

Our nursery

We are based in a light, bright, single storey building on Palfrey Place, SW8, just a short walk from the Oval tube station and close to bus stops on Clapham Road. We have two nursery rooms and a sleeping area.

When we have more children, we will arrange the rooms into a baby room for those under (approximately)18 months, and a nursery classroom for toddlers and older children. This will ensure that the babies aren’t overwhelmed by more mobile children, and that their specific needs can be met. The rooms are carpeted, and we ask visitors to remove their shoes or cover them in bags to keep the areas clean for crawling babies and children engaged in floor play. Children also remove their shoes inside.

The yard outside is being transformed over the autumn into a garden with planting areas, a play house, an area for sand and water play and a wild garden. We are close to Vauxhall Park and can visit the playground there for active play for the over twos.

Parents need to provide nappies for younger children. We encourage parents to use reusable nappies if possible, and have a stock here which we can use if necessary. If your child comes home in one of our nappies, please return it! We recycle disposable nappies and sanitary products. Please don’t dress your child in their best clothes, nursery can be a messy business (a dirty child is a happy child!) so practical clothes that can cope with a splash of paint are best. Please provide a change of clothing for those “pouring water all over myself” moments!

We are open from 8am to 6pm, forty eight weeks of the year. We are closed for two weeks at the end of August, a week at Christmas and a week at Easter, as well as other Bank Holidays.

There is very restricted parking in the area for local residents only, so please walk or use public transport if at all possible – this is also in accord with our green policy! We have a shed for storing folded up baby buggies, and cycle parking for one or two bikes.


Tel 0207 582 3133