Green Shoots day nursery

Meal times

Breakfast, lunch and tea are provided, as well as snacks of fruit which are available in the middle of the morning and afternoon. Drinking water is available at all times. For bottle fed babies, formula should be provided as there are so many different types. We do not use meat in meals (see green policy).

Breakfast between 8am to 9am


sugar free cereal
fresh fruit
drink of milk or fruit juice.

Lunch between 12am to 1pm


hot meal (or salad in very hot weather)
a healthy dessert (eg rice pudding, oat based desserts, frozen yoghurt)
fresh fruit
drink of fruit juice or water.

Tea time between 4pm to 4.30pm

small meal (eg beans or cheese on toast, small sandwiches)
fresh fruit
drink of fruit juice or water.


Nuts are never used in the nursery. A careful record will be made of any allergies or food intolerances your child may have, and displayed in the kitchen and by the dining area to ensure that your child is never offered anything to which they may have a reaction. Food will be mashed or pureed for babies who are being introduced to solid food. All staff have received training in infant and child nutrition.

The above menu may be revised from time to time and vary according to the season. An up to date menu will be displayed in the nursery entrance.


Tel 0207 582 3133