Green Shoots day nursery


After several requests, we decided to set up a babysitting service. Green Shoots staff are available for evenings and weekends. If by chance we are all busy at the time you require, we can get someone else who works in a Lambeth nursery school. All sitters are fully CRB checked and have paediatric first aid certificates.

The rate is £8 an hour, or part of an hour. We prefer to be finished by midnight if at all possible, mostly because of transport problems (none of us live locally). If you come home after midnight and the Tube has stopped running, we will have to charge £30 for a taxi on top of the babysitting fees.

Your child does not have to be enrolled at Green Shoots for you to make use of the babysitting service. And we can babysit for your friends, too! Ring us on 0207 582 3133, or email

Please make sure you give us plenty of notice (at least a week) so that we can find a babysitter for you.


Tel 0207 582 3133